Transcript of Records Order Form for Open University Students
You can order the official Transcript of Records of your studies accomplished at Aalto University. The Transcript will be sent to your home address.

It is also possible to order an electronic Transcript of Records if you have a valid study right at the Aalto University, for example if you are studying at the Open University course. Please see the instructions.

Ordering the Transcript of Records in paper form:

1. Your contact information:
Open University will send the Transcript to the address informed in this form. If you wish to change your address in the WebOodi, you can do it in Aimo web service with your personal Aimo web service user account.
First Name
Student number or date of birth
Street address, zip code, town

2. I order the Transcript of Records

3. The Transcript of Records will be produced based on the information in WebOodi, which is the Study Register of Aalto University. It is possible that there are Open University studies accomplished in older Study Registers. Please choose here, if you need a Transcript of Records from your studies accomplished