Lake and Snow Survey

We are students from Green IT and Sustaianble Computing course of Lapperanta University of Technology. We are conducting a survey on environmental monitoring of snow and lakes. Please take time to complete this questionnaire and all responses will be treated confidentially. Thank you for your participation. 

1. Which continent are you from?

2. How much do you agree with these below statements? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Fresh-water resources are extremely important. 
Algae blooming poisons lake's water.
The topic of climate change is extremely important.
Snow and other precipitation are extremely important.
Observing and knowing local precipitation is vital to understanding both local and global climate change
Pollution such as sulfurs can affect precipitation a lot, such as causing acid rain.

3. How often do you go to the lakes? (swimming, fishing, relaxing etc) *

4. Are you willing to report if you see some change in a lake (e.g. large algae blooming, change in water levels, acidity/PH values affecting fish and wildlife)? *

5. If you choose No in question 4, what might be the reasons that prevent you from reporting?

6. what could be an incentive for you to report local environmental changes? *

7. Do you think you can improve lake's water quality from your reporting data? *

8. If you choose No in question 7, what are possibly the reasons that make you think so?

9. If you would like to know the result from this survey, please provide us your contact email.