MyCourses workspace request form for faculty and staff


MyCourses workspaces are created automatically based on Oodi information, with this form you can request a workspace for other uses, e.g. sandbox for preparing a course workspace.

If you wish to enroll to an existing workspace, please contact the teacher of the workspace.

You can browse workspaces in MyCourses.

1. Contact details
Person's name and contact information who will receive the teacher role in the workspace. A teacher can edit the workspace and give access to other users.

First name
Last name
Aalto e-mail

2. Type of workspace *

3. Workspace name
For example
  • (Sandbox) Sarah Connor
  • (Sandbox) 007-ARTS Cinematography
  • Department of excellent physics work group

4. Additional information
For example
  • other teachers you want added to your workspace