Biobank Borealis survey for the biomedical researchers of Northern Finland

This is a survey of biobank Borealis of Northern Finland aimed for the researchers.
The answers to this survey are being collected during November and December 2017.
The results will be utilized in the development of biobank’s services and infrastructure for the research community.

Thank you for your time and effort!  


1. Organisation

2. To which organisational unit your research group is part of?

Awareness of biobank services in Northern Finland

3. From which media sources have you gathered information on biobanking in general?

4. Have you encountered biobanking information in the Internet or in social media?

5. Which media/s do you prefer to gain additional information on biobanking activities?

6. I would like to have additional information about the following biobank-related topics

Services in biobank Borealis

7. The sample collections of biobank Borealis

8. I am planning to utilize the following types of biobank samples and services:

9. Are you interested in utilising biobank services in the following areas?
Very interested
Not interested
Policies regarding research permits
The collection and storage of biological samples
Tissue samples
Isolation of DNA
Histological stainings
Scanning of tissue samples
Building of TMA blocks
Serum biomarker analyses
The processing of various patient data and statistical analysis
The visualisation of results

10. To which degree are you intrested in the following topics of research?
Very interested
Not interested
Collaboration in tailored sample collections
Fresh frozen samples
Microbiological samples
Cell lines
Other types of samples: please specify

11. Do you want that you or your research team will be contacted regarding biobanking issues?

Other feedback and contact details

12. Feedback to biobank Borealis

13. Contact details (not mandatory)
First name
Last name
ZIP code
Company / Organization