Questionnaire for Secondary School Cooperative Training Programs
This questionnaire is for cooperative program managers for evaluating European cooperative training programs and courses. Please answer the questions from the point of view of the program. Answering to the questionnaire is voluntary.

This questionnaire is part of the ECOOPE project (224-G-GRO-PPA-16-9235). Data will be collected by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) research team as part of the evaluating process of training programs. The data will be analysed as a part of a larger body of data and will be handled as confidential, stored in LUT internal network drives. Only LUT project team members will have access to work with these data. Anonymized results can be summarized as a part of a research publication, that will be available through ECOOPE’s website and documents. The data will not be sold or otherwise delivered to other parties external to ECOOPE project.  By answering the questionnaire respondent gives a consent  to use the data for research purposes. If respondent doesn´t give a consent to use the data or you have  any questions about the questionnaire, please send an email to

Answers in English, please!


1. Respondent's

a) Age

b) Title/position *

c) Email address *

d) How long have you been involved with the program (years)?

2. Name of the program *

3. Program's webpage *

4. Is the program's concept mainly (choose one or more) *

5. Where the program is running (tick the box first and then write) *

6. What is program's first implementation year? Who's initiative was it to start the program?

7. How many times (about) the program has been implemented?

8. How frequent do you implement the program?
(for example how many times in a year in average)

9. What is the duration of the program? (for example hours/weeks/months/years) *

10. Is the program (choose one or more) *

11. Participant selection process *
a) Is there application process?
b) Are the places limited?
c) Is preliminary understanding needed?

d) How many students (approximately) participate per program?

e) Tell about the selection process (for example how many places, percentage of admission)

12. Do the participants get a recognition for completing the program? *

13. Here you can describe briefly the nature and delivery details of your program?

14. How many teachers are involved in the program?

15. Are there any external stakeholders involved in the program?

16. How much does it cost to run the program once?

17. How are the costs covered? *

18. How much is the participation fee (in euros)?

19. The program is evaluated by

20. How are the evaluation results utilized in development of program?