Questionnaire for socialworkers
This questionnaire is part of a project called RIECE (Raising inclusion into the labor market of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants, on the base of entrepreneurial competencies development). The purpose of the project is to create a new on-line training program “Guidance for labor market integration of migrants”.

Aim of this research is to find out the challenges and provide measures for migrant’s efficient integration to the labor market. The results will form the basis to the training program.

This questionnaire is for social workers.


1. Country of residence *

2. Work experience (years) *
How many years?

3. Education (the highest level achieved) *

4. How often you work with migrant customers? *

5. On what basis have they most commonly come to Finland / Lithuania / Spain / Cyprus / Romania? *

6. On the scale 1-5, how well you feel your customers have integrated to Finland / Lithuania / Spain / Cyprus / Romania? *
1 = very poorly, 2 = poorly, 3 = mediocre, 4 = well, 5 = very well