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Application for OAJ and Teachers’ Unemployment Benefit Fund membership
Instructions for filling in the application form

You can become a member of Trade Union of Education (OAJ) if you are an employee working as a teacher in a school, college, higher education institution or nursery, or in an expert or management role in the education sector. To be eligible for membership you must meet the following criteria:

- with teaching qualifications, be in a valid employment relationship on the date of application/start of membership
- without teaching qualifications, hold a part-time teacher post lasting at least a term.

You can also apply for membership if your work as a teacher continues or has continued in repeated consecutive short contracts.
You can join OAJ even if you are not a Finnish citizen.

Please enter the information correctly as this will speed up your application and is important for your own membership benefits and for the work of the organisation in protecting your interests. If you need assistance, contact OAJ´s membership register or your union representative at your workplace.


OAJ and Teachers’ Unemployment Benefit Fund *
Membership of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund begins from the same day as OAJ membership. The decision on membership of the Unemployment Benefit Fund will be sent separately.

I would like my membership to start on *
Only current or later date applicable