Digital Exams @aalto feedbackform summer and autumn 2019
You can answer to open question in English or in Finnish

Background information

1. The name of the exam you took

2. What type of exam did you take?

3. Your experience on electronic exams

4. Your experience on electronic exam rooms

5. Your study experience: how many years have you been studying, how many credits you have earned by now? What is your major?

Exam situation

6. The exam duration
35 minutes/half an hour
55 minutes/1 hour
115 minutes/2hours
175 minutes/ 3hours
I can not remember
My exam time was

7. How long it took to complete your exam?

8. Was there enough time to complete your exam?

9. Your electronic exam type

10. Your experiences from electronic exams
Completely disagree
Somewhat disagree
I cannot say
Somewhat agree
Completely agree
The exam questions were good
There was enought time to write the answers
Writing the answers on a computer made it easier to respond
The exam room/lecture hall situation was more peaceful than an exam where you write your response with pen on paper

11. Other notifications on exam situation and arrangements, please specify (e.g was the exam taking somehow different than in ordinary paper exam?)

Exam process

12. Assess the used exam system usability on a scale 4-10 (weak - excellent, traditional Finnish school scale)

13. What are the benefits of electronic exams from your perspective?

14. Instructions
Were there enough of instructions?
Could the instructions be easily found?

15. What are the biggest defects for the electronic exams from your perspective?

16. Did you have any prolems in using the electorinc exam system? If, what types of - describe. (how would you develop the system?)

17. Would you like to continue taking your exams as electronic exams if that were possible

18. Give feedback / development ideas for the system you used for exam-making

19. Are you willing to participate to a short interview about electronic exams and exam softwares? If so, please leave your email here. (ask more details:

20. Research permission I give permission to use my replies for research purposes. The replies cannot be connected to any personal data. Respondents' names will be removed before the data is given to researcher. *

Thank you for your response.