Student Service Desk feedback form in School of Engineering

1. What kind of service did you came to get from the Student Service Desk?

2. How well did the staff understand your question? (1 = not at all, 5 = completely) *

3. Do you feel you received the answer you were looking for? *

4. How clear contact information do you feel you received from the Student Service Desk? (If you were further redirected) (1=very poor, 5=excellent)

5. How would you rate the overall service quality you received from the Student Service Desk? (1=very poor service, 5=excellent service) *

6. How does the Student Service Desk service quality compares to your expectations on such service? (1=well below my expectations, 5=well above my expectations) *

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10. Free space for feedback, ideas, problems, facilities etc.

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