Helsinki Summer University Course Feedback

Your feedback will be used to develop courses and teaching offered by Helsinki Summer University.

1. Course and date (please specify group if relevant)

2. Give your evaluation by choosing the alternative that best corresponds to your experience.
Completely agree
Mostly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Mostly disagree
Completely disagree
Registration for the course was easy.
I was satisfied with the course
The course gave me joy of learning
The teacher had a good command of the subject
The teacher had good interaction skills
The course material was suitable
The atmosphere was positive for learning
My knowledge and skills on the subject were improved during the course

3. What was positive about the course and the Helsinki Summer University services?

4. What would you like to be improved?

5. I would recommend the course to others

6. What gave me the idea of joining a Helsinki Summer University course?

7. Ideas for new summer university courses