Feedback for information retrieval (IR) support sessions provided by the Aalto University Library
Aalto University Library wishes to improve the “Meet an information specialist” service, and we are constantly monitoring the contentment of customers with the service. Each feedback is valuable, and we whish that you would spare a moment to answer a few questions.

Answerning is anonymous, and your answer cannot be linked to You later. Thank you for your effort!

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1. To which kind of session did you participate? *


Personal IR support sessions



Personal IR support session
IR support sessions for groups

2. When did you participate in an IR support session (by the week at least)? *

3. How did the IR support session fulfill your expectations?

4. What were you satisfied with?

5. What were you dissatisfied with?

6. Did you receive competent guidance?

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8. Further comments of the usefullness of the guidance (if necessary):

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