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Tell us your opinion about the web site. Its quality is improved based on your feedback.

1. Grade the following areas on the school grade system (4 to 10)
Search (did you find what you were looking for, usability)
Navigation (intelligibility of the terms used in menus, logical division of information)
Appearance (colours, icons, shape and placement of web elements)
Content (are the correct subjects covered in the site and up-to-date, accuracy)
Legibility (font size, page length, linguistic expression)
Overall grade (the web site as a whole)

2. Page address
Paste the page address here if you have feedback about a particular page.

3. Your feedback
Error messages, development suggestions, other feedback to the administrators of the site.

4. Your E-mail address
Enter your E-mail address here if you want to be replied to.

5. In which of the following categories would you classify yourself?

6. Which of the following devices did you use to visit the site?