Young, LGBTQ and sex for compensation?

RFSL Ungdom wants to know what kind of support and information you want!

RFSL Ungdom is starting a new project to support you who is young, lgbtq and have experience of sex for compensation. (Read more about what sex for compensation means below, under "About sex for compensation".)

In order to give the best support possible, we want to know the thoughts and opinions from you who:

- are young (15-25)
- are an LGBTQ person (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender and/or queer)
- have thoughts about sex for compensation
- have experience of sex for compensation.

The support we want to offer can be practical, for example in the contact with healthcare and authorities (social services, the Migration Agency, the housing office or the employment office). It can also be as an emotional support, like having someone to talk to. What do you think is needed in order for our work to be as useful as possible?

About the survey.
You are anonymous when you do the survey. If you write your own answers on one/some of the questions we may cite you in for example reports, but the text will not be possible to connected to you as an individual.

The survey has five pages and takes about 20 minutes to fill out. You can skip questions you don't want to answer at any time. On the last page, you can give feedback about how the survey has been modelled.

About sex for compensation
Compensation can be money, but also other things or opportunities, for example clothes, trips, alcohol, living space or work.

Sex can be many different things. It can be physical meetings with other people, web cam-sex, chatting and sending sexual images – or something else the one giving the compensation is turned on by or that you think is sex.

RFSL Ungdom has offered support through the project Pegasus since 2014. Pegasus offers chat support for LGBTQ people between 15-25 who want to talk about sex for compensation. In Pegasus we noticed that many who contacted us would like more support than we could give in the chat. In this new project, we want to help in the contact with authorities and healthcare and inform about rights.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at
Thank you for participating!