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ACCA UK Approved Employer Feedback


ACCA UK is always seeking to enhance the service it provides to employers. As part of this process we would appreciate your views on your recent visit from ACCA by completing the following questionnaire.


Did you receive adequate notice of the visit?

Was the reason for the visit explained to you?

Did you receive a pre-visit checklist from ACCA prior to the visit?

In what format did you receive the information?

In what format would you have preferred to receive this information?

Please suggest any additional information you would have liked to receive from ACCA prior to visit:

The Visit

Did you receive sufficient advice/guidance on the responsibilities of an ACCA Approved Employer?

Did you receive relevant advice on how to improve procedures in your organisation?

Please give reasons why you feel this advice/guidance was not sufficient

Please give further comments on the advice/guidance given to your organisation

Did ACCA staff conduct themselves in a professional manner?

The Visit Report

Was the visit report issued in a timely manner?

Currently, the visit report is delivered in hard copy only. In what format would you like to receive future reports?

Did you find the recommendations made in the report helpful?

Please give further comments on the monitoring process:

About you
Company / Organization