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Creating value through Governance - consultation paper questionnaire


Purpose: This questionnaire invites you to share your views on the questions raised in the executive summary of the consultation paper. Please read the executive summary and preferably the whole paper before responding.

There are around twenty short questions about the paper – please answer as many as you wish. You are free to skip questions by simply clicking ‘Next' at any time.There are also a few questions about you at the end, to give us context to your viewpoint.

Your responses will be treated as confidential and will not be shared or attributed unless you specifically give permission.

Should you wish to comment about anything in the paper not specifically covered in this questionnaire, or more generally about the proposed framework, we would be delighted to hear from you. This can be done by email to paul.moxey@accaglobal.com . Please put Creating Value Consultation in the subject line.

The references you will see in brackets as you go through the questions are to the chapter and question number that it relates to in the consultation paper.

Thank you for your interest in the ‘Creating Value through Governance’ consultation paper, and thank you very much for completing this questionnaire.

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